Change Management

Change Management is defined as the process, tools and techniques used to manage the human aspect of a business change to accomplish the expected results and to do it in an effective manner under the organization’s social structure. The methodology used has practical tools and techniques that enable the organization to accomplish a successful transition during the change, manage resistance, develop clear visions of the future and realistic plans. We focus on four work streams: 

  • Communication of the change at audiences at all levels. 
  • Sponsorship: defining the roadmap and coaching sponsors at all levels in their role. 
  • Training – prepare employees for the change. 
  • Reinforcement – to support the expected conducts in the future state and measure the result of the change management effort during the           project execution. . 

Our framework: 


We work closely with the client to: 

  • Understand the objective and scope of the change.
  • Create the vision of the future state. 
  • Develop a business case for change. 
  • Coordinate meetings with management to discuss the need for change, possible obstacles and expected results (align expectations). 
  • Define the change management strategy and plans.
  • Review organizational problems such as internal service, use of technology and work climate; to identify possible resistance. 
  • Guide the client to define improvement targets related to key financial, quality, service and/or process indicators. 
  • Train the implementation team on the change management methodology. 
  • Design and implement communications programs. 
  • Support and coordinate the training to impacted staff on the new process, tool, knowledge and/or skills needed to work in the future state.
  • Identify restructuring needs for people to meet changed work demands. 
  • Initiate and manage cultural change by setting new individual and group performance goals. 

We use the Prosci’s Change Management Methodology and the Standard from the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals). We have also created our own tools based on our experience in different projects. 

We have led the change management efforts in 19 ERP implementations, and mergers of two companies.

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