ACMP's Change Management Standard

Every two years, Prosci does a benchmark study to identify the current best practices in change management. evolve! has contributed to this effort since 2005. Here you can find the summary of the latest study.

Prosci's 11th Edition Best Practices in Change Management Executive Summary

Change Management Knowledge Base


By Bill Synnot and Associates

This knowledge base is especially designed to find the answers to your change management challenges - in a quick and user-friendly way. It is suitable for all levels of management. It is based on 45+ years of experience with 700+ world-wide organizations as a change practitioner, change agent, senior manager, consultant, facilitator, researcher, lecturer, presenter & trainer. It has 1,700+ pages of information and over 2,500+ references. It contains detailed explanations on 80+ change management frameworks; the 7 essential ingredients for an organizational change and how to use 350+ change implementation techniques. Also, there is detailed background information that explores all aspects of change management.

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