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"Rocío’s coaching is one of the key approaches through which I was able to develop my leadership in the organization.  It has a method of implementing techniques integrated into ingenious questions and appreciable research to help leaders vent their full potential for personal and professional success. Through a series of seminars, workshops and evaluation activities, we receive a personalized assessment of our strengths and development areas. The Quality of the Leadership course had a profound impact on my day-to-day life, and as a participant I am pleased to have been part of the it.    Work more efficiently and comprehensively with others.  Rocío helped me become a better manager for my team.  Manage self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses. She helped me see that great ideas and vision needed to be aligned with my team and organization. Be more decisive, strategic and effective in the delegation, as well as have more confidence in the management of organizational change. She is an inspiration; and gives you the strength to continue to grow and develop our personal leadership. Skill The trust I gained from this experience has allowed me to be a better Manager Rocio, Thank you for your unconditional support."

Arnoldo Cevallos, Regional Manager


“The leadership academy was a very valuable experience for me. I refreshed, learned and applied the foundations of effective leadership throughout the course and beyond. The concepts were just the right amount, essential and practical. The best part about the course was twofold. First, its tailoring: learning about myself and about what I could improve on as a leader. Second, improving my leadership by practicing the provided tools and watch the magic happen! The cherry on the cake is that during my journey I connected with some other leaders within my organization, which I kept ties with.”

Ariane Fréville, General Merchandise Manager, USA


"Overall the experience was excellent, extremely engaging which promoted deep introspection while coaching new and exciting techniques geared towards becoming a more effective leader. Great investment for development."

Chester Keller, General Manager, Barbados

"I had the great experience to participate in the program “Leadership Academy” which was a great opportunity for me to learn about leadership and managing teams not only to get the knowledge but to put it to work in every day’s activities. I truly believe that I was able to learn about myself and how to get better on my job every day and also add value through my team to the company."

Jesus Castillo, Product Development Manager.

"Rocio has a positive and charismatic attitude. Taking her class was a great experience. It was great to learn about my own personality type, as well as identifying the personality types of those around me. It really made me aware of areas that I need to improve for better communication within my team. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience and were loaded with a lot of learning techniques. The sessions provided a framework to help me become more aware of myself and others. In summary, Rocio enabled me to transform my myself by being self-aware, and I will be forever grateful."

 Lizzette Contreras, Vendor Promotions Manager, USA

“Through the Leadership Academy learning process, I was able to gain empowerment towards my life-changing mission and vision as a Manager and as a human being. I learned how to know and understand myself and others better, which helps me as a tool to develop and establish a better connection with my Team and other people in my surrounding.”

Héctor D. Wong, Internal Audit Manager, Panama 

“After being inducted into the Leadership Program and graduating after the last year (2019) of weekly sessions. I must say it had a great and positive impact on not only my professional life, but also with my personal life as well. This was achieved by making leadership a part of my lifestyle. Professionally, I was able to learn how to effectively manage different personality types and get the best out of them. Motivating my staff while achieving win-win results also further evoked efficiency. When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit us, there was a handbook on how to manage this. Given we are part of an essential service, our employees were out to work on the front line doing their part. What really helped me, the company and most of all our employees, was applying the teachings of Emotional Intelligence which allowed win-win results, as well as encouraging the heart with our team and showing that we genuinely care and understand. Personally, I matured not only as a Leader, but as a father. Listening, prioritizing, and balancing my work life positively impacted my family life. By allowing the following teachings and making Delegating, Empowering and being accountable part of my lifestyle, I was able to achieve this. The Leadership Academy with the detailed Guidance and support from Ms. Rocío Consuegra (evolve!, People and Process Management).”

Shiva Ramsaran, Assistant Club Manager, Trinidad & Tobago


“My experience with Rocio as my Coach was pleasant and constructive. She inspires trust even while talking by the phone and her action plans are quite effective. I never felt judged but always committed by Rocio. I am a living proof of a 360-degree change thanks to Rocio’s hard work.”

Marcela Verástegui, Legal | Finance and Capital Markets, Braskem Idesa


“Getting to know Rocio was an incredible life experience just in the right time when I needed the right orientation. Having as a coach a professional who is impartial, fair and knows how to listen is priceless. The fact that a professional can identify your needs and get to know you in a short time to help you and provide tools to improve it is a productive experience for your professional career and personal life. Rocío provided leadership strategies that can be applied at my work to be a better leader and a better human being. She becomes your confidant, ally, counselor, and knows how to gain your respect, affection, and receptivity. If I had to choose a coach again, it would be Rocío.”

Magda Portillo, Local Country Buyer, República Dominicana 


“I had the opportunity to participate in a coaching process in 2019. The experience changed my life!!! I discovered my areas of improvement, things I could do different and my strengths, I was surprised to receive my direct reports’ feedback saying I am strong at “Encouraging the Heart”. I have applied what I learned, and it has helped me to be a better person, a better leader, and a better professional. Thank you for everything!!! You are a wonderful human being!!”

Natalia Paez, Assistant Club Manager, Colombia


“Rocío helped me to have a better understanding of my strengths, weaknesses and the way I relate to my co-workers. That knowledge has been fundamental to my development as a leader in my company.”

Eduardo Shelley, Director General, Savire 


“Having the chance to work with Rocío as a Coach has been one of the most enriching experiences I had in my current job. The personalized level on which Rocío works, teaching and guiding, is what lets the concepts be understood and digested on a way they can be applied on your day to day and not letting them be just ideals. From having a better understanding of yourself to leading others and achieve the expected results individually and as a team.”

Mario Zavaleta, Other Business

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